ThinKom X/Ka-band satcom-on-the-move system completes Aberdeen trials

A low-profile multi-band Satcom-on-the-Move (SOTM) system designed by ThinKom Solutions, Inc. successfully completed its latest trials at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) in Aberdeen, Maryland. The Humvee-mounted satellite communications system achieved data rates of 3 Mbps on receive (downlink) and 1.5 Mbps on transmit (uplink) on XTAR-LANT, all while the vehicle was mobile.

The ThinkKom X/Ka-band system is an integrated satellite antenna terminal capable of operating on the move. It combines a low-profile footprint with high-end, bi-directional data communications capability to make the most efficient use of available satellite resources and save money for government and military users.

In addition, ThinKom has developed ThinSAT Commander, a smaller variant of its X-/Ka-band satellite communications system, and will debut it at APG in April 2013.

ThinKom based its SOTM antenna technology on the Continuous Transverse Stub (CTS) Flatplate technology. Compatible with MIL-STD-188-165B requirements, CTS antenna enjoy a variety of benefits such as enhanced aperture efficiency, improved broadband performance, and greater control of antenna patterns.

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