NATO awards Globecomm with $8.8M contract for GPS-based Force Tracking System Upgrade

Globecomm Systems Inc., a leading provider of global communications solutions, has been selected by the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) to upgrade its previously deployed GPS-based Force Tracking System (FTS), handle additional capacity and replace equipment that had already become outdated.

Combining the new deal with Globecomm’s previous contracts from NATO, the company’s contract value now stands at approximately $74.6 million. The GPS-based Force Tracking System helps NATO to track data and message traffic. It also allows the agency to identify where its personnel are located at all times, identify other multinational forces in routine or operational situations. This is crucial in identifying friendly forces to prevent any fratricide or “blue-on-blue” incidents.

Globecomm’s Eastern Atlantic Team Vice President Paul Knudsen noted that the company is a long-standing customer of NATO, and that the recent upgrade is required to enable the system to handle additional communications traffic, and also to replace equipment that has is already out-of-date.

Last year, Globecomm subsidiaries also received a $6.8 million service contract from a U.S government agency.

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