Astrium Services enters new satellite capacity agreement with Swedish military

A new framework agreement has been signed between Astrium Services – Government Communications, the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV,) and other contractors. Astrium will provide C-band and Ku-band satellite capacity to the Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF,) whose forces are currently operating in Europe and Afghanistan. The deal will cover a period of time from 2013 to 2016.

A Swedish civil authority, FMV procures goods and services for the SwAF and, on occasion, other public and private clients. It awarded the first contract under the framework agreement to Astrium Services – Government Communications under tender.

Astrium is tasked with supplying satellite capacity to SwAF forces in Europe and Afghanistan. Deliveries began on October 22, 2012.

The SwAF mission camps in the Operation Theatre in Afghanistan use VSAT stations to ensure secure satellite communications with the SwAF organization in Sweden over the 33 MHz band on the Ku-band.

Astrium previously developed and installed a custom designed VSAT Camp Antenna System (VCAS) in Sweden for the SwAF. The Company leveraged its strong links in the space segment to establish secure personnel communication between Sweden and Afghanistan as required by FMV. In addition, Astrium is ready and eager to expand the capacity it is supplying to FMV during the three-year-long agreement.

Since 1948, the SwAF joined peacekeeping missions around the world as a member of the UN and the EU. SwAF forces are currently deployed with KFOR in Kosovo and ISAF in Afghanistan. Astrium Services is also involved with those operations; the Company supplies satellite capacity, services, and systems to multiple stakeholders such as FMV.


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