ViaSat presents new, quick-to-deploy portable VSAT terminal for warfighters

ViaSat Inc. offers a new, lightweight, portable satellite broadband terminal for military ground and maritime operations: The VMT-1220P, which boasts of a fast and simple deployment process thanks to its power-on, auto-acquire antenna pointing.

The new ViaSat VSAT is optimized for the company’s worldwide satellite broadband network. Mobile and dismounted warfighters can use VMT-1220P to send and receive live full-motion video (FMV) over the horizon, place secure phone calls, and access classified networks anywhere in the world.

ViaSat offers several plans that provide tiered levels of performance and connectivity to users.

In addition to its light weight, VMT-1220P has a small profile, measuring only 16x16x24 inches. Its hardened radome and electronics base removes the need for a separate carrying case. Instead, a lightweight ballistic bag comes with the ViaSat VSAT system for lifting, carrying, and shipping purposes.

According to Larry Taylor, the vice president of ViaSat Alpha Innovations Team, the Company offers a worldwide satellite broadband network that military customers can immediately and directly access through ViaSat portable satellite terminals such as the VMT-1220P.

Interested customers can now acquire the VMT-1220P VSAT terminal for purposes of testing and evaluation.


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