ViaSat will upgrade NATO satellite communications for $10M

ViaSat Inc. landed a contract worth more than $10 million with Selex Elsag Ltd. to provide satellite communications antennas and modems on behalf of NATO.

NATO static ground satellite communications in Belgium and Italy were looking to expand their bandwidth capacities, while Greek and Turkish stations intended to upgrade their equipment to match modern requirements. Selex approached ViaSat to provide the Selex-NATO Satellite Ground Station (SGS) project with multicarrier-capable antennas and a secure, bandwidth-efficient, open standard system that coalition members could interoperate.

With that objective in mind, Selex placed an order for multiple 16-meter and 11.3-meter X-band earth station antennas, ViaSat MD-1366 Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modems (EBEM,) and attached services for NATO European sites. ViaSat will start delivering the new terminals at the end of 2012 for installation and commissioning.

ViaSat’s MD-1366 EBEM modems will supersede legacy, FDMA modems currently in service at NATO’s European SGS. As the industry’s only DSCS- and WGS-certified, fully STANAG 4486 ed.3 compliant modem, the MD-1366 obviates the need for a separate Inline Network Encryptor (INE) with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified AES-256 bulk encryption. This will accomplish a critical goal of the U.S. Army WIN-T program and other NATO nation partners: Future interoperability of the Belgian, Italian, Greek, and Turkish SGS with those of joint, allied, and coalition forces.


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